Charlot van Heeswijk is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary visual artist based in Berlin. While her figurative paintings and photographic works often focus on the individual, her work as a director bridges the gap between the personal and political. Driven by a strong desire for change, her most recent documentary and fiction works aim to further the conversation on queer issues as well as portraying feminist narratives on screen.  

From a young age Charlot has taught herself a multifaceted skillset. After honing both her artistic and organisational skills, her experience enables her to easily connect the dots and view the bigger picture within any project. 

After spending 5 years working as an assistant director, casting agent and production manager for a variety of different formats she co-founded WESTWERK FILM in 2020 and is now focusing her energy on directing, editing and producing. She has most recently worked as a Producer for Kanakfilm Berlin and Kooperative Berlin, producing Liveshows and Talk-Formats for Netflix, SWR and ZDF among other clients.


  • since 2019 / studying Theatre & Film Studies (BA) at Freie Universität Berlin
  • since 2017 / working as a freelance filmmaker and artist 
  • 2015 / Abitur, Herderschule Giessen

Filmography (directed and edited)

  • 2021 / documentary project, in pre production
  • 2021 / commercial documentary, in post production 
  • 2020 / "HYSTERIA", short, 15 min
  • 2019 - 2020 / "Stadt Ohne Morgen", documentary, 20 min
  • 2019 / "Both Ways", music video for NEL
  • 2019 / "FREI_RAUM", short
  • 2019 / "STFU", music video for IZZI BIZZI
  • 2018 / "Building Knowledge.", documentary, 20 min
  • 2018 / "Pleasure", music video for FHAT, co-directed with Than-Long Vo
  • 2018 / "Keep Me Back from Making You My Joy", for Finn Lynden and Lisa Harres
  • 2016 / "Acht Uhr Neunundzwanzig", short
  • 2013 / "Die Antwort", short

Editor (selection)

  • 2022 / "Empowered by Lightness" Campaign AD for Shilouette
  • 2021 / "The Lotus Eaters - Emily D'Angelo" dir. Sonja Müller (Universal Music)
  • 2021 / "3 & HOY - LA CHICA" dir. Adriana Berroterán, Lauren Pringle
  • 2021 / "The Dupe of Another" dir. Sarah Entwistle, Video Art (@ Signs and Symbols, New York)

Charlot has worked with...

Netflix, SWR, ZDF

Universal Music, Shilouette, Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung, Humboldtforum Berlin, Clubcommission Berlin, Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, Technische Universität Berlin, Bahman Ghobadi, Ofir R. Grazier, La Chica, Emily D'Angelo, ARDEN, Sarah Entwistle, Finn Ronsdorf, FHAT (...)


Press and Festivals (selection)

Deutschlandfunk KulturMONOPOL MagazinWDR ,TITLE MagDAS FILTERKOX RadioHART MagazineBerliner FilmfestivalsShort Close UpFazemag

  • Nominated for Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis 2021 / HYSTERIA  at Up & Coming, Hannover (2021)
  • Official Selection HYSTERIA at Queerstreifen, Regensburg (2021)
  • Official Selection / HYSTERIA at Hive Filmfestival, Berlin (2021)
  • Winner / Best Cinematography for HYSTERIA at Sappho Filmfest, UK (2021)
  • FinalistBest International Short Film for  HYSTERIA at Sappho Filmfest, UK (2021)
  • Official Selection / STADT OHNE MORGEN at 6th Filmfest Bremen (2021)
  • Official Selection / STFU at Choreo Scope International Dance Film Festival Barcelona (2019)
  • Silver Selection / STFU at Berlin Music Video Awards (2019)
  • Winner / FREI_RAUM at SHORT to the Point Festival (2019)
  • Best of 2019 / FREI_RAUM at GRRL Haus Cinema (2019)
  • Official selection / "Acht Uhr Neunundzwanzig"  SHORT to the Point Festival (2017)
  • Official Selection / "Acht Uhr Neunundzwanzig" at Short & Sweet Filmfestival Chennai (2017)
  • Official Selection / "Acht Uhr Neunundzwanzig"  at WIPE Filmfestival (2017)


Photo: Clemens Barth

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