Charlot van Heeswijk is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Berlin.

She also works as a freelance editor and joined the Berlin art collective and production company SILENTFILM as an Art Director in 2017.


2019 / studying Theatre & Film Studies (BA) at Freie Universität Berlin
2015 / Abitur, Herderschule Giessen
1996 / born in Wetzlar, Germany


2018 / Solo Show "UMLYNGKA", Antik & More Einrichtungen, Giessen
2016 / Solo Show "Summa Summarum", Antik & More Einrichtungen, Giessen

Filmography selection (Director, Editor)

2019 / "Stadt Ohne Morgen", documentary, 20 min
2019 / "Both Ways", music video for NEL
2019 / "FREI_RAUM", feminist short
2019 / "STFU", music video for IZZI BIZZI / Artist Collaboration
2018 / "Building Knowledge.", documentary, 20 min
2018 / "Pleasure", music video for FHAT, co-directed with Than-Long Vo
2018 / "Keep Me Back from Making You My Joy", for Finn Lynden and Lisa Harres
2016 / "Acht Uhr Neunundzwanzig", fiction short
2013 / "Die Antwort", fiction short

Press and Publications

HART Magazine, Berliner Filmfestivals, Short Close Up, J. Watson ‘Lo-Fi Design’ - Taschen Verlag

Photo: Clemens Barth

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