Charlot van Heeswijk is a young filmmaker and visual artist based in Berlin. Much like her paintings and photographic works, her films often revolve around questions of identity, gender and the self in context. Her most recent documentary and fiction works are heavily influenced by her involvement in electronic music and club culture and are aiming to open a conversation on societal issues as well as portraying feminist narratives on screen. She also works as a freelance editor and casting agent and joined the Berlin art collective and production house SILENTFILM in 2017. 


  • 2019 / studying Theatre & Film Studies (BA) at Freie Universität Berlin
  • 2015 / Abitur, Herderschule Giessen
  • 1996 / born in Wetzlar, Germany


  • 2018 / Solo Show "UMLYNGKA", Antik & More Einrichtungen, Giessen
  • 2016 / Solo Show "Summa Summarum", Antik & More Einrichtungen, Giessen

Filmography selection (Director, Editor)

  • 2019 / "Stadt Ohne Morgen", documentary, 20 min
  • 2019 / "Both Ways", music video for NEL
  • 2019 / "FREI_RAUM", feminist short
  • 2019 / "STFU", music video for IZZI BIZZI / Artist Collaboration
  • 2018 / "Building Knowledge.", documentary, 20 min
  • 2018 / "Pleasure", music video for FHAT, co-directed with Than-Long Vo
  • 2018 / "Keep Me Back from Making You My Joy", for Finn Lynden and Lisa Harres
  • 2016 / "Acht Uhr Neunundzwanzig", fiction short
  • 2013 / "Die Antwort", fiction short

Press and Publications

HART Magazine, Berliner Filmfestivals, Short Close Up, Fazemag

Photo: Clemens Barth


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