Short Film, 14 minutes

A queerfeminist tale of anger, frustration, solidarity and whats left for us in the end.

Nominated for Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis 2021

writer, director: Charlot van Heeswijk

Director of Photography: Adriana Berroterán
Production Manager: Amal Schütz

Funded by RISE - Jugendkulturelle Antworten auf islamistischen Extremismus. A project by JFF – Institut für Medienpädagogik in Forschung und Praxis, by ufuq.de and the Medienzentrum Parabol - funded by the The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

CONTACT: mail@hysteriafilm.de / social

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Documentary, 20min

In 1949 the curfew in Berlin was abolished once and for all by a man named Heinz Zellermayer, paving the way for the never-ending nights and limitless freedom we still enjoy today. STADT OHNE MORGEN is a 20 minute documentary exploring how this decision has enabled the cities nightlife to grow into a diverse clubculture and what it means to have this freedom in a city that is rapidly changing.


Creative Producer: Timo Koch
Co-Producer: Lutz Leichsenring
Director / Editor: Charlot van Heeswijk
Director of Photography: Clemens Barth
Soundtrack by: AnethaTilted Circle, Trigonometrie
Presented by Clubcommission Berlin E.v.

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7 minutes

for IZZI BIZZI's debut release track "STFU" on BIPØLAR. starring dancer and performer Patrizia Bieri.
IZZI BIZZI's track as well as Patrizia Bieris hypnotising, energetic and unapologetically feminine dance performance along with the supporting visuals are telling a tale of female empowerment: Breaking free from the shackles of our own self doubts and transcending above it as an act of rebellion. Our biggest goal was to create a platform within the techno-scene for different artists to join forces and showcase their art in an independent and self-funded collaboration project.

Director / Editor: Charlot van Heeswijk
Performer: Patrizia Bieri
Cinematography: Clemens Barth
1st AC: Andrea Pedrinelli
Gaffer: Jannis Tiedemann
Hair & Make Up: Anna Luft
Styling: Sebastian Schwarz
Florist: Birte Homann
Special Thanks to: SILENTFILM, Nils Liebheit

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short, 3 minutes

FREI_RAUM is an observation on everyday acts of male dominance, more so than about public transport etiquette. Because the phenomenon of "Manspreading" is a symptom of a much larger problem and not just a minuscule thing - it is an act of dominance that is the result of deep-rooted societal privilege borne of our patriarchal society.

For all my sisters out there.
"You deserve to take up space." - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

shot, directed and edited by Charlot van Heeswijk
Starring: Patrizia Bieri, Francesco Alessandro Rondina (...)
Assistants: Tamara Denic, Clemens Barth

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Documentary, 20 min

for the non-profit organisation Building Knowledge E.V. on location in Umlyngka, North-East India.

shot, directed and edited by Charlot van Heeswijk

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Music video for FHAT starring Olisa Odele

Co-Directed and Produced by Thanh-Long Vo and Charlot van Heeswijk

DoP: Wesley Salamone
1st AC: Kevin Schaub
Technical Assistant: Nico Erbach
Gaffer: Ashton Green
Light Technician: Luke Sullivan
Hair and Make-Up: Mel Holmes
Costume Design: Sur Jacob
Set Costume, Day 2: Caroline Daniels
Unit Manager, Day 2: Anna Maria Ebert
Post Production: Thanh-Long Vo
Color Grading: Mai Lasan
Choreographer: Lewie Fox

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"Keep Me Back From Making You My Joy", 2018

Music Video for Finn Ronsdorf & Lisa Harres

Directed and edited by Charlot van Heeswijk

Performers: Denis Thuille, David García
Cinematography: Jannis Tiedemann
Gaffer: Thanh-Long Vo
Hair & Make Up: Hai Phong Nguyen
Assistants: Johanna Rolshausen, Etienna Schubjé
Thanks to: Heiko Aufdermauer, Nils Liebheit
Special Thanks to: Theater Schalotte, Berlin

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