"It's hard to grasp what exactly sets a good portrait apart from a great one. It should be memorable, expressive yet authentic. Above all I believe it has to have a bit of mystery - a secret waiting to be uncovered."



My Name is Charlot van Heeswijk, I'm a Berlin based filmmaker and visual artist. Since expanding my portfolio as a photographer in 2019 I am offering individual portrait photoshoots at affordable rates. 

My style of portraiture is poetic and individual yet artistically refined - I want to bring out the most authentic version of you while allowing for range and versatility. Drawing from my experience as a director and casting agent I have a good sense of what to look out for and how to help you get into the right mindset during our shoot. 

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We will discuss your individual needs and pick a selection of styles and locations. On the day of the shoot we head out for a couple of hours together. You'll get to pick your favourite photos out of a pre-selection and receive a digital package with retouched portraits within a week. 

It's important for me to make sure you feel safe and at ease during our shooting session. Please don't hesitate to communicate your preferred pronouns or anything else you would like me to consider upfront! 



I'd like to give upcoming talent the chance to do an expressive yet affordable photoshoot. This is ideal for acting students, young talent or people just breaking into the industry but also for established artists, dancers and performers. 

If you're  queer, trans*, BIPoC or seriously struggling financially don't be afraid to ask for a further discount! 



I shoot film as well as digital. But I believe there is a certain quality and soul to film that digital photography just can't emulate. Knowing I only have a limited amount of shots adds determination and focus to my work and I believe this reflects in both the dynamic between photographer and model during the shoot as well as in the photographs.

It's up to you wether you want to shoot digital, film or both.




200€ per shooting


  • 25% student discount (150€)
  • 2h outdoor photoshoot
  • 1 location
  • selection of 50-60 photos
  • up to 5 retouched photos
  • in colour and bw
  • digital photo delivery
  • analogue option (film stock, development and high quality scans for digital delivery are not included)


375€ per shooting


  • 25% student discount (300€)
  • 4-5h outdoor photoshoot
  • 2 or more locations
  • selection of 80-100 photos
  • up to 12 retouched photos
  • in colour and bw
  • digital photo delivery
  • analogue option (film stock, development and high quality scans for digital delivery are not included)


If this doesn't fit your needs I'm more than happy to work with you on individual concepts and ideas for creative portraits, studio shootings, editorials or special occasions.


"Ich bin super zufrieden - Es fühlt sich nach mir an, die Person, die ich da sehe."

- J.


"Ich hab mich bei dir total sicher gefühlt und das Fotografieren war simpel und praktisch - und damit extrem schön. Ich bin komplett froh und freue mich, das Ergebnis zu zeigen."

- A.


I am currently on winter break and not taking any new bookings. Contact me to save a spot on the wait list for next year.


+49 176 43892707

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pictured: Minne Morgenstern (Actress), Aniol Kirberg (Actor), Patrizia Bieri  aka Muse (Performer), Mouataz Alshaltouh (Acting Student),  Antonia Wiedemann (Actress), Nele Trebs (Actress), Larissa Kohl (Actress, Casting Agent) 


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