Charlot van Heeswijk (they/none) is a self-made creative based in Berlin.


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Being a passionate, curious and perpetually restless child, I've always had a plethora of interests and creative pursuits. Much to my parents dismay, I would find a new passion or hobby every week. One thing that stuck, though, was an insatiable drive to draw, paint, create and design. Growing up I soon became enticed with the art of filmmaking, as it combined most things I was passionate about: visual storytelling, composition, movement and music.

After relocating to Berlin I spent the past decade working in a variety of positions on set, in pre and post production before eventually writing, directing, editing and drawing storyboards for commercials, music videos, documentaries and narrative shorts. 

Working for Kanakfilm Berlin and Kooperative Berlin as head of production I've coordinated live shows and talk formats for clients like Netflix, rbb, swr and the German Federal Agency for Civic Edeucation.

As a portrait photographer for actors, dancers, musicians and performers I'm fascinated with capturing humans in their diversity and authenticity. I'm always on the lookout for those rare and quiet moments in which, for a second, someone drops their guard and lets me see a glimpse of their inner world.

Choosing to hone a multifaceted set of skills has kept me on my feet, allowing me to connect creative disciplines, easily adapt and draw from a variety of experiences within any position. I've been called the "Swiss Army Knife" of many projects. 

Across all of my work in like to portray queer life, clubculture and feminist narratives. But I love expanding my horizon and am always eager to travel and explore new cultures, places and themes. Beyond visual mediums, a deep love for music and Berlin's dancefloors has most recently led me to branch out into a small career as a newcomer DJ. As "Xpresso Martina" I've played both locally and internationally at renowned clubs and festivals.


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Clients ⤵

I have worked with Netflix, SWR, ZDF, rbb, Universal Music, Shilouette, Jung von Matt, Spingun Media, Yung Eldr, Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung, Humboldtforum Berlin, Deutsche Kinemathek, Clubcommission Berlin, Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, Technische Universität Berlin, Iconoclast Germany, Yung Eldr, Bahman Ghobadi, Ofir R. Grazier, La Chica, Emily D'Angelo, ARDEN, Sarah Entwistle, Finn Ronsdorf, FHAT (...)


Publications and Festivals (selection)

Deutschlandfunk KulturMONOPOL MagazinWDR ,TITLE MagDAS FILTERKOX RadioHART MagazineBerliner FilmfestivalsShort Close UpFazemag

  • Nominated for Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis 2021 / HYSTERIA  at Up & Coming, Hannover (2021)
  • Official Selection HYSTERIA at Queerstreifen, Regensburg (2021)
  • Official Selection / HYSTERIA at Hive Filmfestival, Berlin (2021)
  • Winner / Best Cinematography for HYSTERIA at Sappho Filmfest, UK (2021)
  • FinalistBest International Short Film for  HYSTERIA at Sappho Filmfest, UK (2021)
  • Official Selection / STADT OHNE MORGEN at 6th Filmfest Bremen (2021)
  • Official Selection / STFU at Choreo Scope International Dance Film Festival Barcelona (2019)
  • Silver Selection / STFU at Berlin Music Video Awards (2019)
  • Winner / FREI_RAUM at SHORT to the Point Festival (2019)
  • Best of 2019 / FREI_RAUM at GRRL Haus Cinema (2019)
  • Official selection / "Acht Uhr Neunundzwanzig"  SHORT to the Point Festival (2017)
  • Official Selection / "Acht Uhr Neunundzwanzig" at Short & Sweet Filmfestival Chennai (2017)
  • Official Selection / "Acht Uhr Neunundzwanzig"  at WIPE Filmfestival (2017)


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